AH! I'm jumping the gun a little but I finally finished a design with my hex frame! And I am in love with it. It's black mesh over electric blue fabric. I can not keep it, which breaks my heart. In the past, whatever I made went to me or my friends. Unfortunately this is no longer the case. But, I am taking a trip to Atlanta, GA next weekend and I hope to find the time to make a hex frame clutch for myself to take along!

The photo shoot isn't until Saturday so I'll have to hold off on the pics. Setting up my studio for a photo shoot takes some work. I'll have three to four new finished designs by the end of the week so I'm going to let them pile up and take photos all at once. That, and I lost my camera so I must find one to use...


Great tutorial!

I found a really inspiring tutorial posted today at Craft Magazine's blog. Craft Chi breaks down printing fabrics using a Bubble Jet printer. She has some really pretty prints that she designed using Photoshop and her own drawings. I am in awe of how well they turned out and am inspired to give it a go! Photoshop -> printer is much more my speed than screen printing...


I hit another roadblock in my hex frame design last night. I was milling over it this morning and decided to go simpler versus my usual complex detail oriented style because the clock is ticking and I’m still at the drawing board. SIGH. I am not especially happy with this decision but since I've been having so many issues with this design it just might be the only way. Eventually I will produce a finished product with picture!

On a lighter note, I'm nearly finished with two new bags; one is a completely new design!


Coffee and cigarettes

Fantastic! I love the detail
and originality of this design.
D-Licious @ elsewheres.com


Pin cushion

I've finally had it with my pin cushion. I have one of those generic tomato pin cushions you can buy at any craft/sewing supply store. The green felt piece on top fell off years ago, but, not being one to easily discard items, i 'fixed it' with glue. The glue made the pins difficult to push in; still, I refused to throw it away. Now the felt is falling apart, the threads are coming undone, and the thing just looks crummy. I've never been a fan of the tomato pin cushion and I was reluctant to buy it in the first place. Back then (1998?) I couldn't find another option. I have now:
These cushions from Giant Dwarf are adorable, one of a kind, AND recycled. I may finally be ready for a replacement!


Etsy pick: Muttsywonder

This seems to be a very popular design from Muttsywonder.
This particular shirt sold out before I could post it! I love grey,
and I especially like the contrast between the grey and
red on this shirt.


I love it!

I am head over heels for the Lola & Bailey acrylic line, especially this round pendant. I think it just might have to be my birthday present to myself. @ modamuse.com


New bag!

I’m in the midst of creating a line of bags to be sold at Fashion Ninja. Here's the most recently completed design, modeled beautifully by my dress form:

I drafted the pattern, silk screened, and sewed it all. It’s hard for me to get rid of it after spending so much time making it; I love it and want to keep it for myself. I’m already creating a bare-bones line as it is so this bag must go. I created another version that I carry made from distressed cotton twill camo with fuchsia piping and lining. I’m working on a twin of that one for the store as well.


First post

I spend a lot of time with my sewing machine; about 20 hours a week. I also design jewelry but had to take a short break from it to focus on the line of bags I’m creating. On top of that I have a full time job and I typically work overtime. It’s complete sewcial suicide.