Etsy pick: Ndeur

HOT. These shoes are so hot I believe I started drooling when I saw them. They may possibly be my newest obsession. I found Ndeur, the artist/designer, today on Etsy. Ndeur's designs are being sold on Etsy at The Rage's Etsy store. The Rage is a store out of Toronto, Canada that showcases Independent Designers and Ndeur is a Parisian artist living in Canada. There's a lot of great street oriented design coming out of Canada these days, if you haven't already picked up on it...


Overwhelmed. Just a little.

OH! I’ve been so busy! I haven't forgotten about my lovely little blog; on the contrary, I think about it frequently. Besides, the type of work I’ve been doing lately hasn't been extremely interesting. I've trashed more than a few entries for being too yawn-inducing. I’ve been preparing for the AVC show which is barreling toward me at a fast pace. I never realized all that goes into preparing oneself for a craft fair and creating a small business. I’m feeling more than a bit overwhelmed. I am currently working on a new business card design, new hang tags, display options, six clutches (simultaneously), my website, setting up a mailing list (which is proving to be a bit more involved than I was hoping), and planning/placing orders for supplies all while working a 9-5 and attempting to maintain some sort of social life. *Phew!*

Also, my metals class starts tomorrow. I almost didn’t make it in. I called the day after summer registration began to find the class had already filled up! At least I was quick enough to be the first one on the waiting list. Three agonizing weeks later I got word that I made it into the class! This isn't your typical class with instruction and assigned projects. This is open studio time, twice a week, for three hours each session. The class only lasts 6 weeks. If I'm not well prepared I will find myself twiddling my thumbs wondering what I should work on next and wasting all my precious studio time. I got really inspired last week and drew up some ideas for the first few classes. I also carry around a small notebook that is pretty full of random ideas I’ve gotten over the last few years that I can fall back on in a pinch. I can’t wait to be back in the studio with my hands covered in polishing compound, blisters, and cuts. Ahhh.