Vacation is over.

Ok, so, my vacation is over. Back to work. ATL was really fun; my friends and I did a lot of dancing at various clubs around the city. My birthday was the following week (last week) so my excuses for not working were valid but have been used up. I haven't been sewing, hence, the lack of sewing related posts. However, I did complete the yellow/black version of the clutch shown below in pink for my trip to ATL. I think the yellow/black combo looks really hot. I may have to make a few more versions of that colorway before retiring that design.

Random observation: Is it just me or has Etsy been loading very slowly in recent weeks? I wanted to find something new to post today but the load times were testing my patience and making me not want to hunt for new stuff.

Speaking of hunting for new stuff, I scored about 5 different cuts of vintage fabric today! I'm really excited to use them in an upcoming project I've mentally been working through. I've been collecting vintage fabrics for most of my life but the difference recently is that I actually have a game plan for my new purchases. Of course, it's hush-hush until the plan has been fully worked through; I hate to disappoint.

I have an update to my last post. Here's a blog I recently discovered that focuses on posting and discussing copied clothing/art/music/etc: http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com/blog3/. Good job guys!

I'm planning on doing a bit of sewing this week; I hope to complete a new design soon (well, a revamp on an old design) for AVC. I will post any mishaps.

*A little note on AVC: my crew and I have not exactly been accepted yet. This announcement is a bit premature. If, for some reason, we're turned away, I'll have to find another place to send the finished piece. My Etsy shop is rather empty and lonely looking...hopefully not for long!

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