New business cards!

Last week a designer friend of mine and I collaborated on a new business card design for me (I mostly picked out the colors and fonts then gave thumbs up or down on new additions.) The cards just arrived looking GREAT! I immediately shipped 200 off to a little store in Milwaukee called The Paper Boat Boutique and Gallery. They are involved with AVC and are adding items to swag bags to be given out to the first 200 people in the door at the show. Unfortunately I just didn't have the time to construct a fun freebie for the bags...though I did toss around the idea of magnets and pins, but, in the end, scrapped all ideas due to money/time constraints. Perhaps once my business is more lucrative I can invest in fun promotional items (I'm still a bit sad about not having pins). I'm also using it for the new hang tags that I'll be printing today. BEHOLD:

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